EGA Architects Office Realizing Dreams of Future
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CEO Greetings

With passion for architecture, we are EGA Architects Office Co., Ltd. that creates spaces for people and pursues creative and ideal designs

Since its establishment in 1999, EGA Architects Office Co., Ltd. has been specialized in TOTAL design and engaged in general architectural design, construction supervision, urban design, design curation, and various types of authorization and licensing work through continuous research and technology development.

EGA Architects Office Co., Ltd. has a design system that can be applied to diverse fields ranging from the design of private small and medium sized buildings as well as the projects of national and public offices. Since its foundation, we have been pursuing continuous change and innovation based on our beliefs and trust for ideal design.

We have established the core design concept for 21st century architecture in the quest for energy, sustainable architecture, eco-friendliness, and technology. We also have a creative leader, organization, and outside collaboration system that go beyond the scale of our thinking from design using BIM to exploration of new technologies and materials to prepare for the future.

We promise that all our employees will continue on take the lead in customer satisfaction with the best quality and service.

EGA Architects Office CEO   Won-Jun Lee